Andrea V. Uravitch
Environmental Installations
Andrea V. Uravitch is a mixed media sculptor, installation builder, and
teacher.  Her primary sculptural influences are found in nature -- in
animals, insects, fish, plants and places.  Although her sculptural works
are designed to stand alone as individual and complete works in
themselves, they often are combined into installations intended to
draw the viewer into entering and experiencing immersion in a natural
environment, the interaction between humans and nature, or recalling
a time, place and experience from one’s past.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is the daughter of artists, and has spent
much of her life immersed in the arts.  A graduate of the Cleveland
Institute of Art and its classical training, she studied a wide variety of
materials and techniques, focusing finally on ceramics and, ultimately,
on fiber.  Today her focus is on the use of whatever materials are
necessary to achieve her artistic vision.   Her works often combine
ceramics, fiber, and welded steel and paper to achieve the desired
result.  She believes her work is most successful when it provokes a
reaction in people.  Sometimes it’s as simple as just getting people to
realize  how beautiful insects really are.  Bringing awareness of the link
between man and his environment also is important to her.  

Selected collections include the Museum of Art and Design, New York,
and the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C